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Aims and Scope

The Papua New Guinea Journal of Education (PNGJE) is a peer reviewed journal that aims to provide a forum for professional and academic audience of policy makers, planners and implementers, teacher educators, practitioners and researchers in Papua New Guinea and abroad.

The main criterion for publication is relevance to Papua New Guinea, and papers should bring out the potential applications of their findings. Material on other countries will be published provided the direct relevance to Papua New Guinea is established in the text. Book reviews will also be considered for publication.

The PNGJE publishes high quality original articles. All manuscripts submitted must be original and not published elsewhere and at any time during the PNGJE’s review process. All accepted papers will appear online at the discretion of the PNGJE Editorial Board in two publications annually.

Editorial Board

Editor:                     Dr. Kilala Devette-Chee (PNG National Research Institute)

Managing Editors: Olga Temple (University of Papua New Guinea)

                                 Dr. Patricia Paraide Independent Consultant

Editorial Board Members:

Dr. Deborah Hill (Associate Professor)University of Canberra

Dr. Kate Wilson (Adjunct Associate Professor)University of Canberra

Professor Mark Solon University of Goroka

Dr. Rachel Aisoli-Orake PNG University of Technology

Dr. James Slotta University of Texas, US

Dr. Boe Lahui University of Papua New Guinea

Dr. Joseph Lingawa Divine Word University

Dr. Janet Rangou Western Pacific University

Dr. Steven Winduo University of Papua New Guinea

Dr. Catherine Nongkas Don Bosco Technical Institute

Dr. Anna Joskin University of Papua New Guinea

Mr. Brian Moni PNG Department of Education

Mr. Jeremy Goro PNG National Research Institute

Ms. Medi Reta PNGAus Partnership Secondary Schools

Mr. Peter Magury PNG National Research Institute

Mr. Sakarepe Kamene, University of Papua New Guinea

This year (2022), the Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (PNG NRI) is reviving the PNG Journal of Education after it got approved by the Papua New Guinea National Research Institute Governing Council in 2021. Thus, the establishment of this new editorial board. 

Editorial Correspondence

Correspondence, including manuscripts and book reviews, should be addressed to the Editor, Dr. Kilala Devette-Chee, PNG National Research Institute, P.O. Box 5854, Boroko, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea. Email:

Review of Manuscripts

All manuscripts will be reviewed by the PNGJE Editorial Board and, if judged to be suitable for publication, it will be submitted for peer review by at least 3 peer reviewers.Traditionally, the journal used to be published twice a year as a paper-based journal. The PNGJE will continue to be published twice a year in June and December respectively but now on  an Open Access (OA) mode.

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